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Environmental Engineering

Pondicherry Engineering College

Department of Civil Engineering



Ph.D.  (In Progress)


S. Sundararaman          

Studies on the Treatment of an Industrial Pharmaceutical Wastewater in a Submerged Membrane Bioreactor (Awarded 2011)

K. Nagakarthigan     

Studies on the Influence of Pharmaceutical and Surfactant Wastewaters on the Physico-Chemical and Geotechnical Characteristics of Fine-Grained Soils  (Awarded 2011)

S. Jayakumar

Studies on the Biodeterioration of Concrete By Marine Algae (Awarded 2010)

S. Balasubramanian  Studies on In-situ Measurements and On-line Assessment of Microbial Biomass for Predicting the Treatment Efficiency in a Municipal Sewage Plant (Awarded 2011)
B. Radjaram                

Studies on Biohydrogen Production By  Anaerobic Co-digestion  of Press mud and Sewage  (Awarded 2012)

N. Sureshnathan               

Ground water recharge through recycled municipal wastewater for indirect potable reuse in Pondicherry region -  Decision support Modelling for current and proposed regulatory criteria (In progress)

S. Virapan                         

Recovery and Reuse of  RO  Reject under CDM for minimized carbon footprint   (In progress)

G. Vijayan                           

Design and operational scheme of SBR treating  municipal wastewater  under carbon neutral biochemical routes with enhanced nutrient recovery  (In progress)

Narain Madhavan    

Effect of structure and composition of microbial biomass on the fouling mechanism of Submerged MBR treating antibiotic Pharmaceutical  Wastewater (In progress)


M. Tech ( Environmental Engineering )


(1997  - Till date)



Year 1997
Seshadri Sekhar Performance evaluation of Anglo textile Effluent Treatment Plant
B. Radjaram Integrated Biomethanation of sugar mill waste and Municipal Sewage
Year 1998
G. Vijayakumar Municipal solid waste flyash in concrete utilization
Year 2002
R. Kalpana Effect of Surfactant effluent on Characterization of Clayey and Silty soils (Best Thesis Award, 2002)
G. Savitha Characterisation and behaviour of Pharmaceutical effluent on Clayey soil
M. Saravanan Effect of amino acid effluent on the physiochemical behavior of cohesive soils
Year 2003
Bhavana Chander Das Effect of pharmaceutical effluent on characterization of Commercial and natural soils (Best Thesis Award, 2003)
R. Keerthi

Characterization and soil-pollutant interaction of surfactant effluent contaminated soil

Year 2004
S. Sundararaman Effect of Inoculum-substrate ratio on the acclimatization and startup of anaerobic reactor
Year 2005
 M. Lavanya  Anaerobic Treatment of  high strength industrial effluent in a two stage UASB reactor  ( Best Thesis Award, 2005)
Sri B. Muruganandam Characterization and enhanced biodegradation of pharmaceutical sludge with biomass based biosensor measurement
AR. Genesh Studies on volatile solids destruction and nutrient removal from municipal secondary sludge
Manda Chitti Babu Co-digestion and reuse of municipal and industrial solid waste
V. Puviarasan

Environmental Impact Assessment of an Industrial zone in  Pondicherry Region

A. Anbazhagan Estimation of Emission Factors for Indian Vehicles (Coordination with NEERI, Chennai, India)
E. Suresh Pandian On-line Measurement  and Emission Characterisation for IndiaN vehicles (Coordination with NEERI, Chennai, India)
G. Mirudhula Line source Pollution model Performance and comparison (Coordination with NEERI, Chennai, India)
K. Theepaithan Root zone Technique for reuse of municipal sewage
Year 2006
R. Vasanth Priya Anaerobic Treatment of High streangth Industrial effluent in  Hybrid and UASB Reactors (Best Thesis Award, 2006)
Rajesh@Nithyanandam, R. Advanced Oxidation for the Treatment and reuse of Recalcitrant Sludge
G. Aruna Kuzhali Studies on Biological Treatment and reuse of Recalcitrant Sludge
R. Karthick Disinfection of Drinking water and Municipal sewage using Chlorine dioxide
M. Govindaraj Design and Optimization of Sewer network for an urban area
K. Prabhat Ambient Air quality status and Pollution Control by Green belt Development (with coordination of NLC Neyveli, Tamilnadu, India)
K. Bharathi Raja Pretreatment and technical alternatives for Desalination
S. Madivanan Studies on root zone technique for reuse of municipal sewage
Sri Bala Gottumukkala Evaluation of integrated energy Conversion Processes for Solid waste management
Year 2007
A. Umamaheswari Treatment of Municipal sewage in a Moving bed Biofilm Reactor (Best Thesis Award, 2007)
P. Anandhi

Biochemical stabilization of linear alkyl benzene sulphonate (LABS) based detergent wastewater

R. Ravikumar Characteristic assessment and treatment of municipal solid waste leachate
T. Kaviarasi

Anaerobic treatment of recalcitrant pharmaceutical intermediate waste sludge  in a hybrid UASB reactor

K. Stalin Studies on Root zone technique for Reuse of Municipal sewage
A. Hemasuriya Treatment of high strength waste water in a hybrid UASB reactor
P. Sivasankari Disinfection  of water and waste water using sodium hypochlorite solution
T. Dhanaselvi Environmental Risk assessment of Chemical and explosive industries
Year 2008
S. Sudalai           

Treatment of Municipal Sewage in an Inverse  Anaerobic Fluidized  Bed  Reactor (Best Thesis Award, 2007)

R. Menaka         Characteristic Quantification and Fenton Oxidation for Municipal and    Hazardous Solid Waste Leachate Treatment
R. Rajalakshmi Acclimatization and Start-up of  Fluidized Bed Reactor Treating Anti-biotic Pharmaceutical Effluent
D. Zealakshmi    Experimental Analysis of Biotransformation Routes for Surfactants  to Bioenergy Residues ( US EPA and OECD Regulations)
Year 2009
S. Tamizhvendane      

Recovery of   crystalline phosphate from municipal sewage (Best Thesis Award, 2009)

V. Vizhali                  Development of conductometric biosensor for microbial biomass  measurement
D. Catherine              Environmental Risk Assessment of explosive aromatic  industries
M. Malarviji

Sludge minimization in Textile industries through innovative physico- chemical methods

Year 2010
K. Jaiganesan  

Treatability studies and chemical conditioning of raw municipal sewage for reuse

S. Maran             Studies on biohydrogen production through anaerobic co-digestion of food industrial waste  (The Best Thesis Award)
P. Murugan       Treatment of Synthetic Aromatic effluent in a  membrane bioreactor
Year 2011
N. Madhivanan  Studies on the treatment of pharmaceutical wastewater in a submerged membrane bioreactor ( Best Thesis Award)
K. Kaviarasan        

Studies on biohydrogen production through anaerobic co-digestion of sugar mill waste

Naba Kumar Mandal  

Evaluation of membrane bioreactor models for the treatment of pharmaceutical wastewater

Year 2012
A. Jothilingam

Biohydrogen Production from Industrial Waste Through Anaerobic Co-Digestion

D.Anita Christina    An Innovation in Natural Decentralized Wastewater Treatment System through Vortex method  (Best Thesis Award)
A. Sathiya Priya       

Treatment of antibiotic pharmaceutical wastewater in a submerged membrane bioreactor

P. Anbukarasi     

Evaluation of Green energy routes and carbon credits  in Process industries and Power plants

Year 2013
R. Gokulan  CO2 Sequestration and Bioenergy Production from Coal Fired Thermal Power Plants (Best Thesis Award
M. Sasikumar         

Treatment of  Formulation derivatives based Pharmaceutical wastewater in a submerged membrane bioreactor

K. Balakumar  Assessment of Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and Evaluation of Green Energy Routes in Chemical and Process Industries
Year 2014
Pragadeesh K. Sekhar

CO2 Sequestration by microalgae - Growth studies and Model Analysis



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