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Environmental Engineering

Pondicherry Engineering College

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Recent Publications 

  1. Rajesh Nithyanandam and Raman Saravanane (2013), "Treatment of Pharmaceutical Sludge by Fenton Oxidation Process", International Journal of Chemical Engineering and  Applications, Vol. 4, No.6, December 2013, pp. 359-364.
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  1. B.Radjaram and R.Saravanane (2011), Start up study of UASB reactor treating press mud for biohydrogen production, Biomass & Bioenergy, 35: 2721-2728. (Elsevier, Impact Factor: 3.326)
  1. Raman Saravanane – Consultation (2013): Extension of the Fuel Cells & Hydrogen, Joint Technology Initiative under Horizon 2020, “Results of the public consultation European Commission: Directorate General for Research and Innovation,  Directorate K – Energy, K.2 - Energy conversion and distribution systems, p.21 & 27, 09 January 2013.
  2. B.Radjaram and R.Saravanane (2011),  Biohydrogen from sugar industry waste & sewage in UASB reactor, ENERGY, 164: 79-89. (Thomas Telford Publishing, UK).
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  1. R. Saravanane and B. Radjaram (2011) Assessment of Optimum Dilution Ratio and Microbial Consortium for Biohydrogen Production by Anaerobic Co-Digestion of Press Mud with Sewage and Water - A Comparative Study,  Journal of  Chemical Engineering Process and Technology 2011/ Vol. S1: 001(2011) /Special Issue 2011.
  1. S. Sundararaman and R. Saravanane  and (2010). Effect of Loading rate and HRT on the removal of cephalosporin and their intermediates during the operation of a membrane bioreactor treating pharmaceutical wastewater. Water Science and Technology, (Elsevier UK.), 44, (6),  141-147.
  1. S Balasubramanian and R.  Saravanane (2010)On-line Monitoring of Active Biomass Concentration in Wastewater Treatment Plant using a Potentiometric Microbial Biosensor, Sustainable Environment Research, 20(5), 311-315
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  1. K.Nagakarthigan, R.Saravanane, V.Murugaiyan (2012) Influence of Industrial Pharmaceutical Wastewater on The Physico-Chemical and Geotechnical  Properties  of  Fine - Grained Soil, International Journal of Earth Sciences and Engineering ( IJEE, ISSN- 0974-5904) indexed in CAS- USA, 5 [6(01)], 1720- 1728.
  1. S.Jayakumar and R. Saravanane and T. Sundararajan (2010), Detrimental effects on coastal concrete structures by Chaetomorpha Antennina, Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering, ASCE, USA,  22 (9), 858-864.
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    on the Physico – Chemical Behavior and Geotechnical Characteristics of Clayey and Silty Soils.  International Journal of Soil, Sediment and Water, USA,  2 (3), 1-15.
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  1. V. Murugaiyan and R. Saravanane and T. Sundararajan (2009) Interaction of industrial effluents and bentonite: a comparative study of their physico-chemical and geotechnical characteristics, Geomechanics and Engineering (GAE)- An International Journal, Techno Press, Korea, Vol. 1 (4), 291- 306.
  1. Raman Saravanane  and Mario Rosato (2010), Biohydrogen production from organic wastes by dark fermentation  - Experimental and Field viability, 18 th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition from Research to Industry and Markets, Lyon,  France, 3 – 7, May 2010
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  1. B. Radjaram., R. Saravanan and T. Sundararajan, (2011),  Fermentation Of Pressmud and Identification Of Microbial Species Producing Biohydrogen, IWA Specialist Conference on Microbes in waste water and waste treatment bioremediation and energy production , BITS-Pilani, Goa, India, pp-67-68
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  3. 25.  Manda Chitti Babu, R. Saravanane and R. Sivacoumar (2009) Anaerobic Co-digestion and Increased Solid Destruction for Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste with Cattle Slurry, Journal of Environmental Engineering Division, Institution of Engineers (India), Vol. 90, pp. 3-7. [Awarded  Shrimati Saroma Sanyal Memorial Prize (2010)  at the 25 th Indian Engineering Congress, Kochi, India December 2010]

  4. R.Saravanane, R.Rajesh and R.Sivacoumar (2011) Anaerobic Stabilization and Conversion of Transformed Intermediates of Antibiotic Pharmaceutical Effluent in a Fluidized Bed Reactor, Journal of Environmental Science & Engineering, NEERI, 53( 3),  231-236.



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