Dr. R. Saravanane


Environmental Engineering

Pondicherry Engineering College

Department of Civil Engineering  

Brief CV


 Environmental Engineering

Civil Engineering Department

Pondicherry Engineering College

  www.rsaravanane.com (or) www.civil.pec.edu


Qualification                                 : B.E.,  M.E., Ph.D.

Area of Specialization                   : Environmental Engineering

Experience                                  : Teaching and R & D:    21 Years                                

                                                     Field/ Industry        :     2   years

Patents                                         :  2

Publications                               :   Text BooK :      One (Published)

Research Papers



Journals   16 38
Proceedings 22 88

  Total:  164                        

International Conference

Organised                                   :   One

International Workshop

Organized                                  :  One

Projects: Research and field

(Field/ Sponsored)                       :   Completed:   20

                                                      Ongoing   :  Four

Ph.D Guidance                            :  5 (completed);  Ongoing: 4

M.Tech Guidance                       : 57  (Completed)                                 

Research Areas of Interest       

  • Wastewater Treatment, Biohydrogen production through Dark fermentation, CO2Sequestration and algal biofuel production (Thermal Power Plants)

  • Advanced Modelling and Control- Automation      Wastewater Treatment Plants

  • Biological Fluidization  for Wastewater   Treatment (Recalcitrant and Pharmaceutical)Membrane Bioreactor for Wastewater   Treatment    (Recalcitrant and Pharmaceutical) Hazardous waste treatment and remediation of waste disposal sites

  • Decentralised Wastewater Treatment System   (DEWATS)

Field Work Experience                 

  • STP, ETP, DEWATS, RO, DM, Industrial Air    (Design and Monitoring) pollution Control, CO2 Sequestration from Flue gas

  • Thermal Power plants, Leachate treatment  system, EIA, EMP, ERA, Biogas- methane utility system,   Specialized Effluent treatment system for Pharmaceutical Industry, Advanced Modelling and Control- Automation Wastewater Treatment Plants

Potential Co-ordination Activities

  • Environmental sustainability and management through technological innovation and application in semi-urban and rural areas.

  • CO2 Sequestration and algal biofuel production (NLC, Thermal Power Plants, India )

  • Solid waste management through integrated reuse and energy utilization

  • Municipal and industrial waste to Energy conversion Routes

  • Decentralised Wastewater Treatment System   (DEWATS)

  • Bioremediation of waste disposal sites

  • Disaster management in coastal areas

  • Environmental Impact Assessment and risk management through state level               Co-ordination Member, State Environmental Impact Assessment Authority (SEIAA), MoEF, New Delhi, India, Department of Science, Technology & Environment, Government of Puducherry, India

  • Global warming and climate change mitigation - challenges through education and training

  • Water resources augmentation through reuse and artificial recharge

  • Technological innovation on Green Energy routes and water reuse sustainability



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