Dr. R. Saravanane


Environmental Engineering

Pondicherry Engineering College

Department of Civil Engineering  



Current Industry/ Field Work 

  1. CO2 Sequestration from Fluegas and algal biofuel production (NLC- Neyveli, Thermal Power Plant, India,)]

  2. Biohydrogen Production - Through Dark fermentation and  Photofermentation (Industrial wastewater and organic waste residues),

  3. Design and Monitoring of STP, ETP, DEWATS, RO, DM, Industrial Air  pollution Control, Leachate treatment system, Biogas - Methane Utility System

  4. Advanced Modelling & Control  - Automation   Wastewater Treatment Plants

  5. Performance Evaluation of ETP and Solid waste mycelia , Pharmaceutical Division, Cuddalore

  6. Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA) of proposed Liquified  Petroleum Gas (LPG) plant,  Puducherry, India ( Completed ).

  7. Online monitoring of Biogas plant using Computer Aided Data Acquisition and Control,  Karaikal,  Puducherry Region, India (In Progress)

  8. In plant Modifications and Performance Evaluation for Sago and Starch based factories, Salem, Southern Region, India (In Progress)

  9. Solid Waste Management - Toxicity Characterization (TCLP), Leachate treatment, Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) alternatives to plastic waste management , Karaikal,  Puducherry Region, India (In Progress)

  10. Root Zone Technique for reuse of secondary municipal sewage and industrial effluent., India

  11. Sludge Characterisation and Biosolids Classifications (US EPA)

  12. Leachate Characterization Field Validation to Volatile Solids enriched     Hazardous Waste Dumping Sites (TCLP, US EPA)

  13. Experimental and Field Testing Conductivity based Biosensors

  14. Biogas Flow rate Sensor for Low Velocity Measurement

  15. Disinfection Electrical Pulse Technology

  16. Disinfection In-situ ClO2 and Feasibility to Municipal Sectors



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